Hyundai is Doing Some Recalling For Santa Fe and Sonata!

In the car industry, the airbags are vital pieces of equipment, necessary to survive in a possible crash.

So when Hyundai realized that both 2007-08 Hyundai Santa Fe and 2012-13 Hyundai Sonata had problems in this area, it did an immediate recall.In the case of the Santa Fe, the thing emerges from the car’s “passive occupant detection system,” (PODS) which refers to the “sensitive” part of the vehicle: it might mistaken a smaller adult to a child for a child and it might switch off the airbag, leaving the person unprotected.

The worrying number is 29,679. Way bigger than in the case of the 2012-13 Hyundai Sonata. Here only 1,925 cars are risking to get ‘wild” while you are driving.

But don’t even worry about it because you will be able to fix this problem at the Hyundai dealerships, without any cost from your part, as it would be normal.

Drive safely!


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