Hyundai Sonata, a real beauty fom 2011

Hyundai Sonata is a real beauty.

The 2011 model is now everywhere in the world and the new styling, and new engines makes Hyundai the most competitive Camry-Accord-Malibu-fusion fighter.

Styled at Hyundai’s Irvine, California, studio, the Sonata is a fresh design that takes a few subtle cues from the Subaru Legacy and Volkswagen CC.

Styled in California, at Hyundai’s Irvine studio, Sonata takes a few subtle cues from Volkswagen CC and the Subaru Legacy. The fresh design is roomier insight than the existing Sonata.

The car is priced at 22,595$, but you also must pay a tax 2,600$ if you want extra adds.

The car is very pride with its premium audio included tailored to the all new Sonata.

For information and photos about the car, try the official site from USA:

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