Hyundai Veloster is ready to rock the US market

The 2012 Hyundai Veloster will be rolling out this year in the US. The car has an interesting design and is really functionable. A long door is on the driver side and this is destined to allow easy entry.  Other two shorter entries are on the other side and they are used of multiple passengers.

But the top manager of Hyundai also confirmed  their brand, Veloster, wants to produce around the Global market a classical version with four doors hatchback.

What can Veloster do? Hyundai’s Veloster runs on gasoline using 1.6 L Gamma Direct Injection engine.

A 138 horsepower and a torque of 123 lb-ft are given by the GDI powerplant.

A new automatic transmission using a dual clutch system or a six speed manual gearbox are the two options  for the transmission. The fuel efficiency numbers are aboul 40 miles per gallon.

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