Hyundai Veracruz is Out. Hyundai Santa Fe is In.

When a door closes another one opens!

This is what the guys at Hyundai have considered when replacing the Veracruz model with the seven passenger 2013 Santa Fe. As you all know Hyundai Santa Fe debuted yesterday at the NY Auto Show in options of 5 and 7 passengers.

And according to Hyundai’s Motor America CEO John Krafcik,”Santa Fe is a golden nameplate for us, it’s a great product, and now it will be much more efficient in my marketing spend.”

So producing two models is much better than producing 2 different vehicles, since the 5 and the 7 seats have only slight differences between them.

November will be the last month of production, but don’t worry, because you won’t have time to miss it. Something better will take its place!


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