If you don’t Want to Go Korean – Go Japanese!

For those who are looking for an economical car that is also somewhat fun to drive, a Kia seems like a very sensible choice to make. The safety ratings for Korean makers are superior to most and inferior to almost no other vehicles in their class. If the vehicle will be used to transport the family especially, having a solid safety rating is something that should be required, and Toyota fits this bill with almost all of their offerings. Studying Toyota Vehicle Safety Ratings will give the average buyer an idea of what type of car they will be buying. Everyone knows Toyota has had some trouble in the past, while Hyundai is taking over considerable market share. However, Toyota has spent billions in considerable adjustments to their newly improved safety ratings.

Photo Source: peacearchtoyota.blogspot.com


Whether Korean or Japanese, these are car makers that just about any company can do maintenance on. The performance of maintenance takes less time and the parts are less expensive, meaning that the car will be more affordable to maintain. Both in the short term and the long term this is an extremely important advantage to have when purchasing an automobile. Considering that costs for maintenance on other cars can add up to thousands of dollars a year, it is important to know what you want to pay ahead of time.

The Dealership

When looking for a CT Toyota Dealership, there are some things that should be born in mind in order to prevent being taken advantage of. Knowing what type of warranty might be offered on a given vehicle will provide the buyer with a long-term safety net should anything go wrong with the vehicle. This detail is extremely important for those who might not know a lot about cars, because they will be unable (in many cases) to foresee serious issues with the vehicle. A Carfax report helps, sure, but having a guarantee for maintenance in the event of a serious problem will often be what saves a buyer from being stuck with a lemon.

Driving Experience

The Asian Tigers are not known for providing a huge amount of power in terms of acceleration or top speed; with the exception of the Nissan GTR of course. Both Korean and Japanese make sensible choices in that they are very reliable and comfortable vehicles to drive. There is a minimal amount of road noise that comes from driving most models, making them comparable to some of the luxury brands that are out there. Purchasing a used Toyota, in place of a Korean maker should result in someone owning a car that they trust, enjoy driving and do not have to pay an arm and a leg maintaining.

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