Kia´s Sales Are On Top For April!


Welcome back to the real world, people!

After a loooong weekend and another weekend to come, no one feels like working anymore, but we have to do that too, right? Well, in order to sweeten your day, we have made a short balance of the last month´s sales for the unique Kia.

Apparently it was a good month, since we can say proudly that the magic number for Kia was 47,550 units. WOW! No wonder, Kia Motors America has become the fastest growing car company in the last 5 years. The queens of the months were Optima, Sorento and Soul, especially with the former two ones leading the top.

According to Byung Mo Ahn, group president and CEO of KMA, “Our record April performance is the latest illustration of how far the Kia brand has progressed as we continue to attract new customers with our unique value formula of world-class design, outstanding fuel efficiency, premium features and cutting-edge technologies.”

Hey, who are we to stop them, right?

So Kia, we wish you well and a double number for the future month!




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