Kia Kee in Frankfurt- Germany

Present at Frankfurt and North American International Auto Shows,  KIA will release a Coupe concept car.  The designer Peter Schreyer said the future model is named Kia Kee Coupe. The new car has a front-engine and use V6 similar with the K9 luxury sedan. Kia could eventually offer a production model as soon as 2015.

Kia Kee in Frankfurt has beautiful design

The interior of Kia Kee concept is sports orientated.  Behind the square-bottomed steering wheel are paddles to shift the six-speed sequential gearbox. Instead of a standard gear stick an ergonomically designed lever sits atop the milled aluminum center console and requires only a nudge forward or backward to select drive mode. The top of the computer mouse-like gear lever flips up to reveal the electronic starter button. The rear of the Kee’s passenger compartment is sufficiently spacious to allow four adults to travel in the car when necessary.

If you are interested to see the model, here are some pictures. Take a look:

Kia Kee in Frankfurt

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