Kia Optima and Michael Galati Go Good Together!

Kia is a winner again!

With the help of Michael Galati, Kia Optima managed to win first place in the SCCA Pirelli World Challenge GTS competition. Not bad for the South Korean automaker which has seldom participated at similar races.

Although the start was not very impressive, falling behind Jack Baldwin’s Porsche Cayman S and Aaron Povoledo’s Ford Mustang Boss 302S, very soon after, Kia managed to gain control and preserve it until the end.

According to Galati, the car and the track combined harmoniously: “This is my favorite track in the world.I’ve won a lot of races here. I feel at home here. People say Ohio is my home track. This is my home track. I love this track because it’s so fast.”

Way to go, Kia!


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