Kia Ray EV new in Korea!


Special event, only for Korea:  Kia Ray EV was unveiled! This is the newest production of Kia, in an electric version. With a driving range of 86 miles and an electric motor of 50 kW that can generate a maximum power of 68 ps & max torque of 167 Nm , this car shares the production line with a combustion-engine model.

However, it does present a couple of differences, especially in the exterior design. The electric model has a flap in the front grille used for hiding the charge inlet, 14-inch alloy rims and ‘Zero Emissions EV’ decals on the front doors.

This aerodynamic vehicle will be produced in  2,500 units , the following year and they will all be offered to government departments and public offices .

Too bad it is only available in Korea. We could really use such a car!



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