Kia Ray makes its debut in South Korea

The 2012 Kia Ray (also known as Tam) has made its official debut in South Korea, so we finally have the opportunity to see this car “bare naked”.

Its boxy shape (inherited from Scion xB and Nissan Cube) and the innovative sliding passenger side rear door represent probably the main reason why these cars are sold only in Korea. And these are not the only elements that transform Kia Ray into the perfect car for crowded places.

This also has a low fuel consumption due to its Kappa 1.0 liter engine that  generates 78 hp with the help of a four speed automatic gearbox (this being the only model available).

Next to this, Kia is completed by an automatic climate control, navigation system, heated seats, alloy wheels, keyless entry system,folding mirrors, trip computer,  electronic stability control or parking sensors.

The absolute car in an environment where being small and quick actually pays off!


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