Kia Sales Go Over The Top!

March was not only a good month for fiestas and stuff, but it was also a good month for sales. Probably there are some connections between the International Women’s Day and the high sales in cars, but we prefer not to comment it.

But it it true. The sales for Kia have surpassed 57,505 units during March 2012.  Kia’s top jeweleries are Optima sedan with 15,008, followed by Kia Soul (13,067) and Sorento with 10,303 units.

The other models must not be forgotten either since they brought Kia a total number of 8,381 (Kia Forte), 3,643 (Kia Sportage) and 2,054 (Sedona minivan).

So, from all of this, we know that Kia has achieved several goals: is developing faster than any other carmaker in the US, has 3 models which surpassed the 10,000 units sales mark and managed to sell over 50,000 cars in only ONE month.

What’s it tell us?

Kia is THE ONE!



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