Kia Sephia Is In Trouble!

In life you win and you lose. That is the natural course of things and we have to accept it (like we have any other choice).

Kia is no exception to the rule, because apparently, the Supreme Court refuses to hear out its problems in the case of some technical issues. The guilty one is Kia Sephia , the 1997-2000 generation, which created problems with the brakes to the drivers in Pennsylvania.

According to their statements, the brakes wore out too quickly, so the Supreme Court decided that this is a serious issue (no brakes, no life) so it decided that Kia had to pay $600 in reimbursement for each of the 9,400 plaintiffs.

Yes, $5.6 million is a lot of money!

Hope for everyone’s sake that next time people will be more vigilant.


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