KIA the most improved brand in ALG opinion

ALG, called KIA brand the most improved in the mainstream category of all automakers that sell cars and trucks in the USA. ALG is a company known for predicting residual values on vehicles in the automativ lease guides. The company also conducts “Perceived Quality” studies.

Eric Lyman, the ALG’s Director of Residual Value Solutions said in a statement:

“For Kia, the consumer quality recognition is the payoff for a recent revolution in product quality and design supported by aggressive marketing campaigns.”

Ranger Rover Sport and new Evokue models are other brands with good results in perceived quality studies.
In terms of the top five automakers in the mainstream category, there were few surprises: Honda, Toyota, Ford Trucks, Subaru and Nissan were ranked in that order as delivering the best in perceived vehicle quality. In the luxury category Lexus ranked first, followed by , BMW, Porsche and Acura.

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