Kia:prolonged exposure to salt created corosion for Spectra fuel-tank

The salt from the road is the possible corrosion for Kia cars. 58 K Units lost their fuel tank between 2004-2007, primarly in Midwest and North-East, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Administration (NHTSA) said prolonged exposure to salt caused corrosion of the straps that hold the tank.

Because of it, some straps may separate, allowing the fuel tank to contact the ground and disrupt the integrity of the tank.”

The agency reported β€œthe fuel tank can fall from the vehicle and strike the ground, which could cause a fuel leak creating a fire hazard.”

Kia dealers will attach hardware with new zinc-coated parts replacing the fuel-tank straps. The recall is expacted to begin this month. For more information, Spectra owners can contact the dealers at (800)333-4542.

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