Korean Cars Proving Popular in the UK

In recent years, sales of new cars in the UK have been slowing down alarmingly. The worldwide recession has proved to be more damaging than many experts first thought, and it’s showing very little sign of going away as yet. However, for vehicle manufacturers all around the globe, it isn’t all doom and gloom and wistful memories of days gone by.

Korean Cars

Thanks to the availability of cheap vehicle contracts, a growing number of UK drivers are able to enjoy the benefits of having a brand new car without having to break the bank by buying one outright. And many of them are choosing Korean vehicles ahead of European and Japanese ones.

From early beginnings to world super-power

When it comes to vehicles, South Korea is now the fifth-largest producer in the world. Among the more well-known manufacturers are Hyundai, a company that started life as a steel maker, and which began constructing cars back in the 1960s. Current models include the popular iX35 and the impressive Santa Fe.

Kia Motors are also known throughout the globe. Although a separate brand, they are part of a larger corporation that also includes Hyundai. With the cost of personal car leasing remaining competitive, many motorists have opted to get the Kia Cee’d. Its use in Top Gear’s Star In A Reasonably Priced Car has also helped to increase its desirability among petrol-heads.

The oldest car manufacturer in South Korea, Kia’s name derives from the local language and means ‘rising out of Asia’. It seems a fitting label, because the brand has become synonymous with quality vehicles built to a high standard, with many technological features, and sold at a surprisingly affordable price.

Korea’s finest gracing Britain’s roads

It’s the combination of these factors that is making Korean cars so popular in Britain. With the relatively high cost of fuel in the UK, the opportunity to keep spending to a minimum is always taken seriously. The average British motorist simply can’t afford to spend large sums of money on buying a car.

Therefore, the double-sided temptation of affordable lease agreements and Korean reliability and efficiency is difficult to resist. Despite the effects of the recent financial upheaval, it’s reassuring to know that motoring doesn’t have to burn a huge hole in your pocket.

David Rice works in the south of England and drives to the office in a Hyundai. Next year, he is going to lease a Kia Cee’d.

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