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Hyundai starts reporting fuel economy of cars sold monthly
That sales-weighted number serves as a yardstick for how close automakers are getting to the new federal fuel economy standard. Hyundai Motor America is adding to the plethora of monthly statistics it reports: the average mileage per gallon for the cars it has sold.
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Hyundai IX

Hyundai Starts Touting Fuel-Economy Gains by Sharing Monthly MPG Results
Hyundai Motor Co. , aiming to offer the most efficient U.S. vehicle line, began revealing overall fuel economy for its cars and light trucks based on monthly sales as regulators prepare to set tougher rules for automakers.
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Samsung, Hyundai Lead Asia Profit Gains on Economy
Asian companies including Samsung Electronics Co., Hyundai Motor Co. and Nippon Yusen K.K. boosted earnings last quarter as economic growth in the U.S. and China spurred consumers to buy more electronics and cars.
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