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Singh’s Second Biggest Ally Faces Poll Rout Over Corruption
Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s Congress party and its second biggest parliamentary ally are facing defeat in elections in a southern state, as a corruption scandal threatens to further weaken the government.
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Toyota profit slides on quake disruption
Japan’s biggest earthquake on record hit Toyota Motor’s quarterly profits harder than expected, prompting renewed calls for the government to do more to support Toyota’s pledge to keep building large numbers of cars in Japan.
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Won May Advance Under New Finance Minister Bahk, Hyundai Securities Says
South Korea’s won may extend gains after President Lee Myung Bak proposed a change in finance minister that will keep the inflation fight high on the government’s priority list, according to Hyundai Securities Co.
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Rising gasoline bill can drain your wallet
— The continuing wild ride at the gas pumps means owning even a small car can put a big dent in your disposable income.
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