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Why You Should Buy Custom Aftermarket Wheels Why would anyone want to purchase aftermarket custom rims and wheels? The answer is simple, because they look cool. There is also another answer that might ultimately be a better one, performance benefits. These go back to the 50’s and 60’s when race car drivers developed magnesium wheels because they were lighter and enhanced the performance. They deemed these Mags, which is still a term used today. These magnesium wheels cannot stand up to everyday driving. Magnesium also oxidizes quickly so they require frequent maintenance and polishing. Modern day magnesium wheels will be forged to make them stronger and at the same time reduce the weight. These wheels are very expensive, this is why we do not see many custom wheels made from magnesium. Fortunately for people interested in aftermarket wheels manufacturers have developed aluminum alloy wheels which are light weight and provide extra strength, these wheels also come in numerous finishes for the customer to choose from. There is a broad range of finishes but some of the more popular ones include: white, black, hyper silver, gray, and anthracite. Many people choose to have aftermarket wheels because the appearance, but you should also know that there are a lot of benefits that come with reducing the weight of your wheels. Alloy wheels make a noticeable difference in tire deflection and tire rollover when turning. These wheels will also give you increased brake cooling because aluminum alloy is a good conductor. The mass of the wheels will help dissipate the heat caused from braking. Furthermore, open design wheels allow for more air flow which will cool them when you are driving in city traffic.
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Reducing the weight of your wheels will significantly affect your vehicles road holding ability. When the weight is reduced you vehicle will accelerate and brake a lot better. When deciding on your custom wheels you will want to make sure that you do not exceed the weight of the standard wheels or you will get a result that is opposite of these performance benefits. There are cheaper options, like gravity cast aluminum, but you should stay away from these as they are heavier and are prone to defecting. Low pressure cast and forged wheels might cost more but they will reduce your weight and add strength.
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Remember that sizing up or getting larger wheels will add weight. This is possible if you do it the proper way. To maintain the original diameter you can get a larger diameter wheel but use a low profile tire. Custom wheels should stay within three percent of the equipment that was on your vehicle. If the difference is greater than three percent could result in problems with your brakes, transmission, and computers.

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