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auto insurance quotesIn general, the word “medical expenses” has been interpreted strictly for cheap auto insurance, lowest price. For instance, in Alberta, where chiropractic services are not mentioned particularly in the policy, it’s been held that there’s no cover such services because they are not “medical. The court examined the provincial legislation governing the medical and chiropractic professions respectively, noted the clear distinctions drawn for regulatory purposes generally, and figured a chiropractor wasn’t a “duly qualified medical practitioner” with regards to certifying disability to determine eligibility for income-replacement benefits. Applying this reasoning towards the question of whether chiropractic services qualified as medical services, the court stated that:
Once again the plaintiff is caught by the specific provisions from the policy in Section ? subsection 1(1) which only cover “necessary medical . . . services and, additionally . . . such other services and supplies which are, in the opinion from the insured person’s attending physician . . . essential for treating said person.” The services in question were done by a chiropractor and never taught in policy. Cheap auto insurance quotes from http://www.indianacarinsurancequotes.net.
Similarly, in Abado v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. , an Ontario case, hydrotherapy was stated to become outside the definition. In the words for cheapest auto insurance from the trial judge (which appear to have been accepted without reservation through the Court of Appeal):
The first question within the Statement of Facts is whether or not the treatments received were an essential medical service. Certainly within the broad sense such treatments could be medical services, however, in this paragraph it appears that “medical” should be given some restricted interpretation. Otherwise it would not have been necessary to include surgical, chiropractic, hospital and nursing services as those would all be the included in the classic meaning of medical services.

As medical services would be come to include healing, then it would include chiropractic services. It is quite apparent that when the section was amended in 1978 to incorporate chiropractic services, such was an indication the medical services deliver to didn’t refer to the catch-all medical services of the classic definition. Click here www.insurance.ca.gov

It was argued for the claimant the term “medical services,” since it was set out originally inside a statute,  should be construed based on the principles of section 10 from the Interpretation Act, which requires “such fair large and liberal construction and interpretation as will best make sure the attainment from the object from the Act based on it is true intent, meaning and spirit.” The court rejected this argument on the floor the literal meaning of the insurance legislation was clear and resort to section 10 was therefore inappropriate.

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