May is Good For Kia Motors America!

Another month has gone by and we are ready to wrap up the final elements that have marked the previous month.

For Kia Motors America, May was a very good period, raising the sales with 7.4% (51,771 units) as compared to the same month, last year.

The best girls in Kia were Optima (13,364), Sorento (11,077), Soul (10,146), Forte (7,782), Rio subcompact (4,019), Sportage (3,467) and Sedona minivan (1,916).

And according to Byung Mo Ahn, group president and CEO of KMA and KMMG, we have every reason to be proud because:“Kia has experienced dramatic growth over the past few years, and our record-breaking momentum continues as we gather industry-wide recognition for reliability, low cost of ownership, increased residual values and outstanding brand loyalty.”

It doesn’t matter if we agree or not. Numbers don’t lie!


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