Minibus Driving Safety Tips

The most important part of operating a minibus is to the deliver the passengers to their destination safely and on time. You will also need the correct minibus insurance that will cover your passengers. This is true for both professional drivers and those using a minibus for personal use.

Important safety tips

  • Going with the flow of traffic.
    • When operating the minibus in traffic or any roadway, the driver should always go with the flow of traffic so the safest trip to the destination is possible.
    • A minibus is not a sports or race car and should never be driven like one.
    • Veering in and out of traffic involving the repeated changing of lanes increases the chances of an accident and can cause the passengers to be unnerved.
    • A constant speed should be maintained at all time except when turning where the speed should be sufficiently reduces as to maintain a stable vehicle.
    • When changing lanes turn signals should always be used so other vehicles can anticipate the change in direction of the vehicle move.
  • The reduction in blind spots for the driver.
    • It is important for the driver to have clear vision all around the minibus at all times.
    • Most minibuses have windows all around and the operator of the vehicle should have a clear vision out of them so surrounding traffic can be located.
      • When drapes are present on the windows, sufficient mirrors should be accessible to the operator to reduce the blind spots.

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  • Reducing the speed of a minibus
    • By lightly pressing on the brakes, the vehicle can be controlled to a greater extent when slowing the minibus.
    • When slowing gradually the contents of the vehicle along with the passengers will not be whipped around or caught off guard.
    • The heavier the minibus is in terms of cargo or number of passengers the farther in advance the operator must begin the braking process.
  • Avoid distractions
    • Most drivers have access to audio equipment when operating the minibus.
      • The danger this creates is the distraction from driving and the vehicles around the minibus when on the motorway.
      • It can also allow the driver to relax more due to a past memory causing them to forget, if just for a moment that they are transporting others on a traffic filled motorway.
  • When transporting passengers, the driver of a minibus must remember at all times their eyes must remain on the road ahead.
    • When in a conversation or asked a question, the common respective instinct of making eye contact has to be avoided so the safely of all the passengers in the minibus can be maintained at the highest level possible.
  • Parking the minibus
    • First and for most the parking of a minibus should only be done in a safe location.
      • This allows for the safe disembarkment of passengers.
      • Should only be done when there is sufficient space for the vehicle.
  • Backing up
    • Going in reverse is challenging and should be kept at a minimum.
    • Caution has to be taken since the front and rear swap places and it is now the rear of the vehicle that is steering the vehicle.

The drivers of a minibus must always remember they are not in a car. The minus is not only shaped differently, but the center of gravity is higher. This causes many differences in handling including the effects on the vehicle body in swerving in the avoidance of other vehicles and objects. Extra precautions should always be taken and seats belts should always be used by all occupants.

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