New rules on CKD imports may hit carmakers that import engines

New rules on CKD imports may hit carmakers that import engines
Automakers such as Hyundai, Toyota and the premium-end BMW and Mercedes may see a significant rise in costs due to a new provision in Budget 2011-12 on ‘Completely Knocked Down’ (CKD) kit imports.
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2011 Hyundai Azera
In a day when Buick doesn’t even build cars like they used to, a few car companies have gone against the grain, gone a bit retro. Buick’s no longer about softly tuned suspensions and effortless acceleration–but cars like the Hyundai Azera still prize those attributes, and pay homage to their American ancestors with cushy comfort and plain looks.
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U.S. auto sales off to a strong start
Sales rise 17.3% in January from a year earlier, according to Autodata Corp. Rising gasoline prices are pushing Americans into small cars and hybrids. Small is beautiful — again.
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