Kia Optima

Optimally designed and engineered

Optimally designed and engineered
Kia’s midsize executive sedan is making waves thanks to a combination of dynamic design, solid engineering and much improved build quality Friday, February 11th, 2011 11:29:00 The midsize executive sedan market is a peculiar one, with most buyers settling down with whatever is safe. It is where brand is king and specifications and price are closely matched like twins. King of the hill is the …
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Kia Optima
Kia Optima

Honoring & Remembering
Seaman 1st Class Clayton Hanson was born Feb. 14, 1931 to Irving and Rosie Hanson. He was born in the Roy Groves home in Meckling.
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Lebanese-Cdn. Bank accused of drug, Hezbollah links
A Lebanese bank with links to Canada is being accused by U.S. law enforcement agencies of laundering hundreds of millions for an international drug ring with ties to Hezbollah.
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