Performance Parts, Chips Will Make Your Accord Pump Out More Power

The Honda Accord is one of the most successful Japanese car models ever produced. It has been around since 1976 and is sold in many countries throughout the world. Originally touted as a low-emissions car that squeezed extra mileage out of every drop of gasoline, it was the first Japanese car to be built in the United States, and started a trend that would see many other foreign automakers setting up manufacturing on these shores.

The Accord started out as a midsize, although the U.S. version has been expanded to a full-size. Never designed to be a performance car, the Accord can gain more oomph in the motor with a few modifications designed to kick up the horsepower.

Honda Accord

The first step you take might be to do something about that factory installed exhaust system you have in your Accord. You’ll do better power-wise if you pull out the original one and swap it out with a performance exhausts, which pushes out air more efficiently, and won’t let contaminating hot air back-flow into you engine.

Replacing the factory muffler with a larger one lets the exhaust expel hot air more quickly, and that lets the engine stay cool, calm and collected, and produces more power, which is your primary goal.

If it’s more air flow into the engine you want, then you should ditch the standard air filter and replace it with a high-flow filter, which cranks more cooling air into the engine and jacks up fuel combustion, which leads to higher power output. You need to check the air filter periodically, anyway, so you might as well replace it when it gets grimy with a higher performing filter, and reap the extra power benefits.

And don’t forget the sparks plug, which can be replaced with, you guessed it, performance plugs, which will give the motor a better spark right from the moment the ignition is first cranked. You’ve got to keep after the plugs and air filter, so whenever they look beat you need to replace them with fresh parts, of the performance variety.

Don’t forget about Accord performance chips, which give the car an instant kick in the pants to get it moving by adjusting air flow and fuel burn, which cranks up the power immediately after installation. With Accord performance chips you
Can download more modifications at a later date, so when more up-to-date modifications come along you can readily take advantage of them.

Dealing with Accord performance chips can be a little on the tricky side, so unless you’re an expert it might be a good idea to leave that to the professionals.

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