Peter Schreyer intends to create a roadster KIA

On the Internet Kia’s plans for marketing a roadster became shortly a veritable subject of rumours for the last few weeks. As a response to all the rumours, Peter Schreyed, the Korean manufacturers chief designer and man behind the Audi TT, said he intends to develop such a model, but not for another year. Mr. Schreyer wants to create “some sort od roadster or convertible car like that needs to make money and this is not easy.” It’s a major task ahead of him, but this goal can be achieved.

Before embarking on this adventure, Schreyer says he needs to “do his homework” and revamp the Sedona and Rondo, the only two models that haven’t undergone his brand of shock therapy that is in part responsible for the company’s recent success.

We’ll live and see if the designer’s plans can be achieved or not.

Image: Auto Express

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