Recognizing Hangul

Korea, like countless nations around the world, chooses to use its own writing system, an alphabet referred to as hangul, of which this alphabet is now known throughout the world simply because of its effectiveness, superiority, as well as technological design. Developed within the Choson Dynasty, the name of the Korean alphabet translates to ‘the appropriate sounds when it comes to schooling of one’s people’, because King Sejong, the actual writing system creator, felt ordinary individuals should be able to read and even compose. It was something different from tradition, because, prior to the development of this particular script, merely the learned could actually decipher and / or write.

Prior to when Hangul originated, Chinese script was required for reading and also writing, nevertheless many, like King Sejong, believed the language lacked the capability to convey Korean verbal words and even feelings correctly. Merely the educated had the ability to interact effectively along with respective authorities or even record their own background for future generations. After King Sejong constructed Hangul, this inability to communicate was not an issue, because the new script was indeed simple to learn as well as exclusive to this location. Although it has assisted Koreans for quite a while, other folks often find it hard to successfully articulate the words when reading, composing or even conversing. Therefore, most decide to romanize this Korean writing system to actually make it less difficult to pronounce. Doing this offers all the chance to decipher, write and talk in Korean.

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