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Advantages of Using Visa to Drive Legislation in the UK is getting more complex regarding health, security and duty of care by the employer. Unless you have knowledge of the law back to front, legislation can be difficult to fathom, and the related expenses in staying on the right side of the law are increasing. This is prevalent when your employees drive at work and regardless of whether the vehicle is owned by the employee (a grey fleet vehicle) or by the company. Currently, employers have to maintain a serious legal duty of care responsibility to guarantee the wellbeing and safety of their staff and people from the community under the law. Ignoring the guidelines of duty of care compliance exposes your company to prosecution under law in case of a fatal accident involving an employee and extends to any member of the public killed by employees in the course of duty. The enactment has strict punishments for workers, directors or supervisors involving prosecution as individuals in any accident whether fatal or something else. To guarantee you are on the safe side of the law, you need a broad suite of solutions to assist you with meeting your duty of care obligations. While ensuring duty of care compliance, Visa to Drive offers a capable way to complete documentation checks across your fleet. From driver licenses to insurance details – Visa to Drive will guarantee that every driver in your fleet has been granted express permission to drive for a company. Visa to Drive handles the entire procedure of affirming driver licenses. It uses a profoundly secure online portal and an electronic exchange of driving license data to inspect and check individuals’ driving license data, supplanting tedious paper-based administration.
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Visa to Drive by TMC eliminates the risk of unfinished checks, implying that an employer has taken every necessary step to ensure duty of care. Visa to Drive’s professional auditors scrutinize the information provided and notify the fleet manager of any driver who has failed to provide their details. You can go further and implement compliance as it is integrated with TCM’s restrictive mileage capture system. An employer can, therefore, stop drivers from claiming mileage if they do not have the necessary documentation.
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The drivers are organized into low, medium and high risk in light of a number of endorsements they have after completion of the initial round of checks. This allows you to schedule more continual checks for drivers based on their risk level, assisting you to ensure your risk exposure is minimum and that every driver is licensed to drive at any time. Through a Visa to Drive, You will have access to information on your vehicles and driver status which is key in managing your fleet.

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