Rhys Millen’s 750 HP V6 is bred to break Pike’s Peak

Rhys Millen will attempt to beat the current “Unlimited Class” World Record of 10:01.408 & the 10-minute barrier at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Last June, Rhys took a Hyundai Genesis coupe to a class record in the two-wheel drive Time Attack class with a 12:09.397. This year, Millen wants to take the overall record back from Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima, whose held the record since 2007, and bested Rod Millen’s thirteen year old course record. Millen is aiming to get the first ever sub-10 minute time at Pikes Peak and he and his team have built a new car dubbed the Genesis PM580, a 1850 pound, 750 horse power V6 beast is designed specifically to conquer the 156 turns to the top and return the world record to the Millen name. To see more of what Rhys and the Hyundai are made of, check out RedBull.com A couple stats about the machine -tube-framed -carbon fiber -1850lb -750 HP -4.1-liter V6
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    johnnyKillmore says:

    Bummer the car didn’t work out. Looked great on the course, though a little nervous. With Monster Tajima not beating his time the record- and the sub 10min time- still stands. Another mile of asphalt at the top for 2011…. there’s no way the record will stand. But it will be great to see who holds it at the end of it all.

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    rioross says:

    they are using those little aerodynamic strips! just like in the old days.
    i havent seen them used since Mickey Thompson’s era

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