Should we be grateful for the scrapping of the TV licence?

Should we be grateful for the scrapping of the TV licence?
The Government announced in its Budget the radio and TV licence (RTV) fees will henceforth be abolished. This means that Singaporeans will no longer have to pay $ 110 a year for the TV licence and $ 27 for a radio licence. In his announcement, Minister for Finance Mr Thraman Shanmugaratnam said that the requirement for a TV […]
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Ford, Chevy crack top picks
Ford’s newest Mustang model, Chevrolet’s Avalanche SUV-pickup and the Kia Sorento crossover utility vehicle joined the ranks of Consumer Reports magazine’s Top Picks of new vehicles for 2011, but the Japanese automakers continued to dominate the list.
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The Humorous Side of the Law: Prosecutors do have a sense of humor!
OK, so we prosecuted people under the criminal and civil antitrust laws. But that doesn’t make us mean, heartless, unfeeling beings, without a sense of humor. Does it? Of course not. While we worked hard at putting miscreants behind bars, we also had our playful side. We were not above having a good time, such as by scamming one of our fellow Department of Justice agents.
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