Ssang Yong- A Short History

SsangYong is one of the hottest brands of Korean cars that has a long history behind it. At first, it started as 2 different companies (Ha Dong-hwan and Dongbang ), but soon enough they associated and created a single company.

After starting with jeeps, trucks and buses, in 1977, the company was bought by SsangYong Business Group and received a new name. Since the ’80 the company has dealt with many problems, being close to bankruptcy, but now due to   Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (which bought SsangYong through an auction) its situation is starting to improve.

As a testimony we have the millions of people from all around the world who started buying SsangYong cars and declare themselves very satisfied.

We wish SsangYong good luck and a long life!


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