St Petersburg: Kia will be released this autumn

Hyundai and other cars used in Russia will appear from now on in Kamenka, an industrial zone from St. Petersburg.

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing “intends to start producing a model of economy-class Kia”, said Viktor Vasilyev, the Manager of the enterprise with the same name.

In a conference that took place in Saint Petersburg, the director also said that Kia is similar as a model with Solaris and the car will be released this autumn. The new Kia is designed especially for Russian drivers.

In the same time the manager of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus reminded that until the end of the year the automaker will produce 150 thousand vehicles.

Meanwhile, budget car Kia has passed on Dmitrovsky ground in Moscow first test  trial.

Maybe Kia looks like Solaris, but the price might please the Russians. If the bestselling budget Hyundai is in the database of almost 400 thousand, maybe the price of new items for the leader of the Korean automaker  will be significantly lower.

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