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Why Van Rental Is The Better Option Sedans are designed usually to fit five people (including the driver) and a trunk space that can only carry so much weight. Limousines may be long and have luxurious amenities, but a musician’s band equipment would be difficult to fit in. Upright items impossible to shove into a car’s trunk can be put on the back bed of a pick-up truck, but the pick-up would only allow for four passengers. On the other hand, a van (depending on the size or model), can transport up to 16 people and can be configured to handle more goods while providing covered protection for these items. Typical vans are boxlike motor vehicles with a rear door (either opening sideways or lift-back type) and sliding doors on the side panels in addition to the front driver and passenger doors. Van customization for special transportation applications like mobile TV studios, mobile search and rescue and/or emergency medical/trauma treatment services, mobile crime surveillance and rapid police action force deployment (e.g., SWAT van) is also possible. Vans can also be converted into small hotdog or ice cream stands on the go. Commuting on public transportation is not the “private drive” convenience a van offers. However, most van usage involves groups of people who do not wish to travel in car pools. Van use may also be due to the need to move goods in which a car is not able to, or where a truck is just too large for the purpose. The need may also be a one-time thing that buying a van for the purpose is obviously not the right approach. An example of this situation includes the need for a van to bring home a purchased bulky item instead of waiting for the store to do it within the store’s delivery service schedule. Van rental then is a convenient and viable option in these instances. Some organizations prefer to pay for the lease of vans to free up capital and avoid vehicle maintenance and depreciation costs. Van-for-hire companies maintain a variety of models to suit their customers’ needs. Fleets can include seven-passenger minivans for small group or family trips. Full-sized 16-pax capacity models (including driver) are available, but most models for hire are designed for 13-person capacity (driver included in the count). These vans are great for fuel economy and easy maneuverability. There are also nine-passenger conversion vans. These have six leather captain seats, a power rear couch bed, and amenities like accent lights, large flat screen TV and DVD systems; with plenty of room to stand up and move around for stylish and comfortable travel. Other firms offer moving vans suitable for hauling small amounts of cargo. These full-sized vans are easy to drive and do not have rear seats to make loading / unloading faster. Whatever the purpose for hiring a van is, reputable rental companies provide well-maintained vans to safely satisfy customer needs at competitive yet affordable rates.The 10 Best Resources For Options

The 10 Best Resources For Options

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