Japan’s Quake May Boost Korean Industry

Japan’s Quake May Boost Korean Industry Much as we resist thinking about them in these terms, natural disasters create winners as well as losers. Before Mar. 11, for example, Korean steelmakers were struggling. Read more on BusinessWeek Preview: Hyundai Elantra (2011) Some of the high-tech features offered overseas, like automated reverse parking, might not make […]

Japan quake: live report

Japan quake: live report 0710 GMT: Our Japan bureau reports that parts of the country are facing the threat of major power blackouts unless electricity use is reduced. Read more on Brisbane Times Japan’s automakers: Down but not out The scene might have been lifted from from one of those digital effect-laden Hollywood catastrophe movies […]

Quake Disrupts Chip And Memory Prices

Quake Disrupts Chip And Memory Prices Factories in Japan are closing manufacturing plants in the aftermath of the recent deadly earthquake and resulting tsunami. Transportation infrastructure, road, ports and railways, if not damaged by the disasters are crowded with refugees and emergency traffic bypassing damaged areas, Reuters reports. The shutdown of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear […]