Hot Pictures With Kia Cerato!

Beauty comes under different names, but the quality remains the same. Today you are going to see the newest pictures with the Kia which will reinvent the history of the company. Also known in different locations under the name of  K3 (South Korea), Forte (North America) or Cerato (Australia, Brazil), this baby will appear on […]

Spy Shot Wiht the 2013 Kia Sorento!

I got her nakeeeeed! It would be every man’s joy to say this phrase and especially if he is talking about the 2013 Kia Sorento. Although its still under “construction” this beautiful car has been spotted uncovered in South Korea. From what we can notice, the biggest changes are announced to be at the headlights,the […]

Hyundai Equus Remodeled?

Evolution is what makes us better, wanting to achieve success and a higher degree of sophistication. This is applicable to every moving element, whether it is a human being or……a car. Why this? Because we have recently received some photos and we suspect Hyundai Equus of plastic surgery.Caught in South Korea, 3 days ago, this […]

Auto sales in South Korea rise

February 2012 was a good month for car sales in South Korea, and figures have now been released that report a rise of 28.8 percent. This percentage is the result of the on-year jump that sales have seen, which is the result of a consistent rise in sales both at home and further afield. This […]

Remodeled Kia Picanto!

What is small, good-looking and running like the wind? It is of course, the new modified Kia Picanto , also known in South Korea as Morning. On the Korean site Bobaedream, we have found some pictures that prove how awesome this Kia looks like and, at the same time we managed to understand a few […]

A billion dollar business!

Despite the horrifying news about the year 2012, seen as the end of the world, some people continue with their successful businesses and work hard in order to make them even more successful. Hyundai Motor Group, a large South Korean manufacturing group that includes both Hyundai and Kia Motors, plans to invest over $12 billion […]