The 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter Passes The Test Drive On The Toughest of The Grounds

Getting your Mercedes Sprinters run on the rough terrains was indeed a dream for you. But one of the recent promotional picture of the new 2015 sprinter shows the Euro-style van shows it crossing across the sand dune. You must be re-reading the line once again. But no, you’ve gone through it absolutely correct in the first go. The all new 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter Greensboro NC easily can easily go through the carved out off road right in the middle of your lawn as well. The system is generally based on the 4 Matic mechanical and electric mechanism that is generally used in the Mercedes cars, to provide enough power to the wheels with the best traction. For maintaining the perfect ground clearance, a 4×4 Sprinter generally sits almost about 4 inches higher than the 4×2.

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Obviously the Sprinters come only in diesels and the technicians of the Sprinter repair Greensboro NC are all praiseworthy of the new standard power-train that comes in a 2.1-liter in-line 4-cylinder diesel running through a 7-speed automatic transmission, with the current 3-liter V-6 diesel and 5-speed automatic available as an option. The latest incorporation in the new 2015 sprinter is the cross wind assist. It generally uses the chassis instrument in order to sense the motion of the vehicles that passes alongside and applies brake on the wheels to maintain the balance. This complete action is instantaneous and the driver can feel free to take of his hands off the wheel inspite of being safely in line.

And obviously Mercedes can never compromise with their looks. This particular model from the Sprinter Service Greensboro is completely concentrated on the nose with the sculpturing extending through the side panels. This provides the van a more assertive as well as   a contemporary appearance. And moreover the nose is placed a bit higher so that it lessens up the severity of the injuries, if by any chance it gets to hit any of the pedestrians.

So why just keep the Mercedes for the classified section? Bring them up, change them as you need it and ride on and off road to serve your purpose. Let the world see that along with style, the strength never goes for a walk.

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