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Why You Should Buy Luxury Cars You might be thinking on why you must consider buying luxury cars. The truth is, there are 2 known reasons for it, one of which is the advanced safety features it has and the other is the enjoyment and confidence it gives. There are lots of studies that have shown higher end vehicles are a lot safer to use than its cheaper counterparts. The primary reason behind this is that car companies make use of luxury cars to introduce new technologies to the public. In this modern world, any car that is less than 20 years old mostly have airbags. In late 80s though, just a small number of high end models have offered them. Other example is the anti lock brakes were it was seen first in the flagship models of other car makes. The greatest and latest automotive technology these days is found in best and cutting edge vehicles. To give you an example, simply look at the nighttime safety. Before the introduction of such technology, there are 42 percent of all vehicular accidents and 58 percent of fatal crashes happening at night. And in response to this matter, automotive companies have created brighter and more effective headlights. Some car companies are offering thermal imaging as safety feature in their high end car models. The system is capable of detecting obstacles at night or in dark beyond the reach of headlights and warning the driver through its navigational system.
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As for more expensive and cut throat models, it lets the drivers to see engine readings and speedometer even without taking their eyes off the road through its heads up display. Another feature that’s pretty common in high end brands is the adaptive cruise control that is adjusting the car’s speed to match it on the vehicle in front. These systems could even brake in behalf of the driver in emergency situations and even correct the path of tires if they are about to leave their lane.
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Having fun with one must be close second while it is true that safety is among the most important factors of owning a car. Just as automakers test their latest features in top of the line models, they are testing as well the performance features too. Generally, luxury cars have better brakes, bigger engines as well as sharper handling than its counterparts. In addition to that, studies have shown as well that people who are buying expensive cars get a boost in their confidence through the mere ownership of the car. These studies are linked as well to monetary and social gains to the reward center of the brain.

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