The HUD System is now in South Korea!

Let’s play a game. What is a luxury sedan, features high-tech head-up display( HUD system) and…..has 4 wheels. You guessed: Kia K9. I bet the last part just made everything clearer to you.

But it is true. Kia K9 will be the awesome “owner” of a full-color head up display system which will project all the important information on the windscreen of the car. But don’t imagine that you will have a cinema on your back seat.

No, the information are about the vehicle’s current speed, navigational data, danger signals, rear and side obstacles, or when the car veers off track.

And in addition to being cool, it will also have an interesting design with full-adaptive headlamps.

Although seen in other luxury cars (BMW, Audi, Lexus) the HUD system is a premiere for the South Korean automaker and will go on sale in South Korea in May.

Can’t wait!


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