9 Lessons Learned: Modification

The Simplicity of the Concept of Auto & Motor Vehciles.

Arguably the greatest invention of all time is the automobile, not just because of things such as it’s complexity or the intuition that was needed to create it, but also because of how much it has evolved over the centuries. What used to be considered an automobile is very different from the later entries to the concept, seeing as it was a wooden plank with wheels and a steam powered engine. Although automobiles continued to be steam powered for some time, they did see improvements during the nineteenth century in other departments such as braking and steering. The 20th century is when engines started using the combination of fuel and oxygen to make internal combustion engines, which engineers put in the front end of the automobiles and covering them, which gave automobiles a new look. With the advances in motor and auto technology, a mass production scheme was invented specifically for these machines, in order to maximize the financial productivity that they could bring to the people and companies who were making them. Not only were advances in automobiles changing the way that people could travel, but they were changing the way people could live, so the manufacturing of auto and motors changed society quite a bit. Towards the tail end of the 20th century it seemed that auto and motor advances were a permanent change, seeing as more than 85 percent of Americans owned at least one automobile. Automobiles have seen a lot of advances in the recent decades, and the production of them is no different, seeing as ens of millions are made each year. Current cars still usually use the internal combustion engine which burns gas, which many believe pollutes the air and is the root cause of the global warming epidemic. One of the biggest shifts that the engineering of automobiles has taken since previous centuries is what the technological advances are trying to improve with the automobiles. Because vehicles were not as common in the past as they are now, and because engineers simply had less time to work with them, the manufacturing advances that were made to cars were about the function of the vehicle more than anything else. Today the advances that are being done to automobiles are more about ways to make them safer and more comfortable to drive, as well as making them look nicer. At the end of the day, one needs to understand that cars have come a long way in terms of their advances, and there will be plenty more advances to come in the future.

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