The Key to Your Safety- Kia Picanto


Kia has always been one of the most remarkable brands of cars from all over the world. At least, I have always had a crush on this car, ever since I was a little girl. At first it was the design, but as I grew older, I realized that this it is a package deal and the technical parts are also carefully selected.

These details apply to the new Kia Picanto which is a wonderful 5-seats jewelery. Although some of the fierce males might say that it is unsuitable for their  “Speedy Gonzales” tastes due to its small engine (1.2l), they will quickly change their minds when they realize that not only the engine’s capacity is small, but also its fuel consumption and CO2 emission.

If you want to have the new Kia Picanto you have to pay around $14-16,000, but it is truly a suitable investment.

Drive safely!



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