The latest spy shots with the upcoming Hyundai Genesis Coupe

If you are a fan of Hyundai brand, the guys from Car advice made us a surprise taking some shots with the upcoming Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

A left-hand drive version of the rear-wheel drive coupe was spotted in Victoria’s mountain region from Australia. An editor of Car Advice magazine contacted Hyundai’s Senior Manager, PR and Events, Ben Hershman, asking what the Genesis Coupe was doing on the Australian mountains.

Hershman said: “Hyundai Motor Company utilizes Australia as a hot test regional for global model development. This has been happening for a number of years.”

Is it possible for Hyundai model only to test the coupe in Australia because of the hot weather or Hyundai prepares to launch its Genesis Coupe on the continent?

Till we know fo sure what’s happening, let’s enjoy the photos.

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