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Excellent Mileage Expenses Management Solutions that Incorporates Duty of Care Compliance in UK The drive to increase productivity and reduce running costs to the lowest level possible is a primary concern for business owners with both large and small fleets who are looking for solutions to help them achieve this during uncertain economic times. They are mainly focusing on tightening workflow solutions and to maintain strictly monitoring driving behavior. However, increasing work pressure can result in an incident or accident which could cause both serious or fatal injuries and financial losses. Research indicate that at least half of all fleet vehicles owned by companies are involved in accidents each year, with the drivers causing 75% of the accidents. With the stringent regulations in the fleet industry in the UK, fleet owners have a legal obligation to work within the conditions of their operator’s license and a duty of care to their drivers ensuring their safety while working. The Duty of Care policy is meant to prevent the risk of accidents or injuries to employees. To provide an efficient solution to business owners, fleet management experts have come up with best-in-class systems that provide for both employers responsibility for risk management and Duty of Care compliance. A comprehensive strategy would now include a vehicle tracking solution, making risk assessments, driver training, and imposing driving time limits. Solutions that provide for Duty of Care compliance and employer responsibility for managing risks with a mobile device tracking system are increasingly becoming popular and are essential to the reduction of mileage expenses and fuel costs. Visa to drive by The Miles Consultancy is one of the most popular products on the market that provides such a solution. It incorporates a comprehensive collection of features related to the Duty of Care such as checks for valid insurance policies, safety inspection, the DVLA driver license verification, vehicle service history, and MOT certificate. The system is designed for all business fleets including the grey fleet. Visa to drive is well-known for its unique capability to allow business owners to suspend payments of mileage expenses from drivers who fail to comply with fleet policy rules.
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The enables drivers to upload their license details on an online portal after which they fill a data protection mandate. If desired, Visa to drive can force compliance enabling companies by preventing drivers from making mileage claims until they provide all the required documents which is a strong incentive in the Duty of Care compliance. License and insurance policy checks eliminate some of the most arduous tasks such as collecting information for all the drivers making the process easier and quicker. It also allows categorization of drivers into high, medium, and low risk, based on the number of penalty points of each driver.
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Visa to drive allows fleet managers to make various reports. Whether you operate a large or small fleet, visa to drive in an excellent tool for ensuring all your vehicles are roadworthy and that all the drivers are legally allowed to drive.

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