Things to know while trading a number plate

In UK it is allowed to transfer number plates from car to car, by selling or buying the number plate. If you want to buy a number plate then opt for the desired combination of numbers and characters which will make your trade worth.

Buy a number plate

Before moving into the procedure of buying it we should try various combinations because most of the combination you have will be in the possession of others. You can opt for adding additional numbers to the combination or use a phonetic spelling.


Check the cost:
The cost can go to hundreds to thousands of pounds because the seller or dealer will advertise the number plates at different rates.
Never buy anything that won’t work out with the budget you are having. So don’t ever get carried away by looking into some large numbers just wait for a while or else you would regret it later.
Get the other way.
DVLA has a database of millions of number plates which they sell directly to the public. The database has a huge number of number plates which were unissued and also contains the new trendy number plates.

Sell a Number plate:

Whether you have a personalized number plate or not each and every number plate has its value on the road.

Ways to advertise it

The fact is if you advertise your number plates then you will incur some cost. So if you register at a place where your registration is free, then you are in a wrong myth. The fee of the dealer is hidden inside the buying price for the buyer as a commission.
So the dealer would always sell your number plates at a value higher that you have quoted.
And if you are relisting your advertisement then it will again incur you a cost.
So, opt for a website that doesn’t charge for relisting your website and they pay you each and every penny which they take from the buyer. That means they won’t be having any commission.

How much time it takes to sell a number plate?

As, it is quite difficult to sell a number plate hence on an average it takes 12 months to sell a number plate.


If you are not dealing with a dealer and want to sell it or buy it from a website which does it free then it is not needed to complete the required paperwork.
The transferring depends on whether it is on retention or on vehicle.
Retention is a way of buying a vehicle even though you are not having a vehicle.

There are three ways of transferring:
• Transferring it from vehicle to vehicle.
• Transferring it from vehicle to retention.
• Transferring it from retention to vehicle.

How much time it takes for transferring a number plate?

According to DVLA it takes 4 weeks to retain, assign or transfer a number plate. But on an average it takes 10-12 working days.
The forms involved for transferring the number plates are V317, V778 and V750.

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