Top hardest cars to be found on Nada list

According to Nada Guides car shoppers looking for new Hyundai Elantras and Ford Explorers are out of luck if they want the latest models. Nada avoided in its Most in Demand cars the low production models that may be in short supply. After a close analysis of dealer inventories and sales, the most wanted car are: Ford Explorer, Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai Sonata, Kia Sorento and Toyoya Prius.

Of those six the Prius and Civic weren’t redesigned in the last couple of years. Although a new Civic is a project for 2012, Nada didn’t considered it for the study because is new.

In Nada reports Elantra and Prius had only 12 and 10 day supplies. That means the two models are virtually nonexistent on dealer lots.

Carmakers consider anything with less than 50 day supply, an estimate time of how long it wood take for  a car to arrive in showrooms across the country to be entirely depleted and that’s a positive news.

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