Upgraded Hyundai Elantra 2013

Brand new information, right from the oven, about the 2013 Hyundai Elantra!

Since in 2012 won the title of the  North American Car of the Year, it is no surprise that they are trying to explore Elantra’s options to its fullest.

What’s changed?

A new color (Atlantic Blue), an updated GLS (manual gearbox) with an awesome equipment that includes air conditioning, telescopic steering wheel, tinted glass, cruise control and 16-inch steel wheels.

In “power” talk, Elantra is proud of its 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine which is capable of generating 148 horsepower and 131 lb-ft of torque. The transmission is six-speed, both manual and automatic and the rate of fuel consumption is rather small (40 miles per gallon).

Since the price of the gas is starting to be very threatening, I think this new Elantra will be very appreciated by the public.

So far, that’s the information we have, but stay tuned for more!

Source: www.autoguide.com

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