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Some Interesting Facts Regarding Aircraft Refuelers In order to keep planes flying for long distances the military will use a technique called aerial refueling and it can also have some other names such as in flirt refueling, air to air refueling, and tanking but basically it is a method used to make sure that the planes can keep on flying without having to land for fuel. There is a lot of considerations that you will want to keep into mind of when it comes down to aerial refueling because this technique is used for a lot of reasons but primary it is to keep the aircraft flying obviously but there is some reasons why it is important to do this such as making sure the aircraft can have a longer range in flight or so that the aircraft can stay flying longer around an airport if it is not able to land straight away for whatever reason. When you are trying to do aircraft refueling it is a good idea that you can keep into mind some different kinds of facts because it is possible to make sure that the aircraft can be kept in the air for as long as you need it but you will also have to consider things like the wear and tear of the engine and you will also need to think about the wear and tear on the crew as well but besides these limiting factors it is possible to keep aircraft in the sky as long as you need it. Military planes need to carry a lot of cargo and they need to do it effectively and efficiently and this is where aircraft refueling comes in because fuel can get quite heavy and when you have a full tank of fuel then you can carry less cargo which is not a good thing but with aircraft refueling the plane will only need to have enough fuel for it to get off the ground then it will top off in the sky. There is no doubt that aerial refueling is vital to many different operations and when it comes down to the military they may not have the luxury of having an extremely long run way for a plane to take off so they will have to be as light as possible and that is where the aerial refueling comes in because they can save weight by having nearly empty tanks that they will fill up while airborne. Aerial refueling can help save money and save fuel because the gas consumption improves when refueling in the sky allowing the plane to fly further using less fuel and that is something that is always nice to know because there is no doubt that fuel is expensive and you do not want to spend a fortune on that. When a plane or any kind of aircraft is in the sky the gas consumption can improve a lot by having a longer distance flight and when you throw in aerial refueling it can improve to around forty percent which is mind blowing.A Quick History of Equipment

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