Verdek Unveils New Products To Meet Growing Demand Of Electric Vehicle Industry


(Madison, CT)—In December of 2015, Investors Business Daily reported that Porsche would be investing $1.1 billion into a new electric vehicle plant. According to the report, Porsche plans to spend massive amounts of money to catch up with Tesla, Chevy, and other car makers who have already stepped up to take their fair share of the electrical vehicle market.

It is with this expansion of the EV market in mind that Verdek is introducing their answer to the continuous growth. The company has created new residential and fast DC charging products to add to their full range of home, workplace, and public charging stations. These products are designed to meet the demands of consumers and business owners who currently own an electric vehicle and the millions of people who will continue to buy them as more become available.

Guy Mannino, the Founder and CEO of Verdek, stated “The first of our new residential chargers, the RES 230V30A, enhances the end-user charger experience. It is a simple plug-and-charge device with LED indicator lights, a more ergonomic holster design, and a tamper-proof security screw. The second new product is the new ultra-thin ChargePoint Home Charger. Mannino feels users will love the fact that it charges their car six times faster than a standard 110 V outlet, adding 25 mile range per hour of charge. It has an accompanying mobile app for remote start and charging schedule reminders, and it works with Nest tracking to help save on home energy costs.”

The company is also offering new Level 3 Fast Charging Stations that use DC power in order to add 70 to 100 miles of range in less than 30 minutes. Mannino insists that these are perfect for destination sites with heavy concentration of electric vehicles (such as hotels) and in metropolitan areas where a large number or EV owners need to maintain intercity mobility.

As Mannino goes on to say, “No matter which of these new options they choose, the team here at Verdek promises that home and business owners will get the same level of world-class support that we extend to every customer. We are beyond thrilled to be offering these new products to meet the demands of the exploding EV market.”

Those who would like to see Verdek’s new products or see more of the EV charging options they offer can visit

About Verdek:

Verdek is the leading solution-driven company for EV charging and CNG/LNG infrastructure for sustainable transportation. They offer the best solutions for residential, public, and DC fast charging. They also provide CNG and LNG fueling stations for commercial fleets. Verdek’s technical team can choose from the company’s vast product range to provide the best solution for any customer’s requirements. Verdek’s ChargePoint charging stations and Galileo CNG fueling stations offer the best solution to support the growth of the infrastructure for electric and CNG vehicles.


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