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Car Configurators as a Sales Tool

If you are confused on what car to buy for yourself, you can use a car configurator tool online to help you look for one. Online you will find a step-by-step process which leads you to the car of your choice.

With a car configurator a customer can lay out the features or qualities that he wants to have in the car that he will buy. The configurator will then ask for more specific details until the customer is given a short list of the products he is more likely to purchase.

For example, a customer looking for a brand new car can get confused in the website where there are thousands of cars to choose from. The configurator then takes him step by step to be able to decide the best car for him. It can take only three steps for the configurator to determine this for the customer. It can ask for a car brand, a model and color. then he will find exactly what he is looking for. With this procedure the customer need not look at every car in the display. Because it is very convenient and time saving, a car configurator is the best aid for those who are undecided.

If the car configurator is well designed, a customer can avoid doing multiple clicks and with a simple process, he will be led to the right one. It can also handle the problem of how customers can know which parts are right for their needs. Compatibility are best handled by car configurators. Customer service will then be easier for retailers.

A car configurator is beneficial to a website owners become the conversion ratio is increased. A website owner monitoring the configurator will be able to determine what his customers are thinking. It indicates what the customer is interested in.

Now the three step process has been replaced by more sophisticated selections. Different car brand websites offer customers a car configurator where you can design your own car with the features that you want. People who use this tool can forward their configutation to a dealer directly so that he can get a quote. This is the key to sales, and those who contact the dealer after using the configurator usually end up buying a car.

What’s new with car configuration is that there they incorporated sight, sound, and motion around the customer’s experience. There are even animated clips and interactive drag-and-drop functions as well as the requisite specs in some car configurators.

There is one goal for car configuration and that is to drive the customer to the dealer. But, after all this has been done, it is still best to visit a dealerships and do a physical configuration instead.

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