What SUV Do You Like Best?


What do you go by when you buy a new car? Is it the exterior design, the interior luxury or the best features in town? After a huuuge number of tests, there has been reached a common agreement that the best SUVs that match anyone’s desires are Kia Sorento, Honda CR-V and SsangYong Kyron.

Highly improved and ready to do some serious damage, for their class and family, these 3 SUVs are pretty cool and decently equipped. Their pricing is also appropriate so that someone who wants to face the town demons can easily be convinced to buy one of these cars.

At first glance, SsangYong looks the best and has acceptable features, but Sorento and CR-V can also be seen as good investments.

Oh, it is such a tough decision!

Source: www.promotor.ro

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