Why Kim Han-Chai calls his Spirra a tiger?

A tiger is not only a wild animal, it’s a powerful symbol of Korea. That’s why Kim Han Chai called his supercar a “tiger”.

Spirra can touch in only 3.8 seconds a 100 km with 500 horsepower. Spirra is fast a a tiger, but very fancy and sporty.

Why Kim is proud of Tiger Spirra?

Because “we were the only country that didn’t have a supercar.”

We know that Japan has Toyota and Honda as supercars, in Germany and Italy Porsche and Lamborghini are the ones, but Korea had only eco-friendly Hyundai and Kia. And Kim thinks his country deserves more. That’s why Kim 10 years in a row tinkered with designs and saved his money for this supercar. With Oullim Motors as a partner, backed by the wealth of a high tech company, Kim began the production. Netherlands became his first major customer after a dealer from Holland purchased 145 orders of his handmade cars over the next 3 years.

Kim wanted to demonstrate that not only Japan, Germany or Italy can produce wonderful cars, but Korea auto-makers are also valuable on the map of the world.

Launched at the end of 2009, Spirra is  a symbol for Korean people because is not only as fast as a tiger, but is a valuable supercar.

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