Why You Might Want To Become An Uber Driver Rather Than Working For A Taxi Company

Taxi drivers have to go through a very expensive and time-consuming process in order to get their licenses.  Among the included efforts are getting an examination at an occupational medicine clinic and receiving a passenger endorsement.  While these requirements might not seem all that bad, they do make it more costly for people to go into business on their own.  Driving for Uber is much less complex.  You just need to have a reliable vehicle, an app for your mobile phone, a good driving record, a clean criminal record and the right type and amount of automobile insurance.
How To Become An Uber Driver
Even though driving for Uber is not the same as working for a taxicab service, you do have to complete an initial application.  This includes answering several easy questions on the business website. After having submitted the required form, the company will run a total background check to verify your criminal and driving records.  It takes a few weeks for drivers to get approved.  After the service has approved a new driver, however, this individual will be given a cell phone for free.  The Uber app is then used to locate customers and to handle all bookkeeping.  People pay their fares through the service and then Uber sends its drivers a check each week.  This check can go to PayPal or it can be placed in the driver’s own banking account.
What Type Of Relationship Do Uber And Drivers Share?
Drivers for Uber are private contractors.  While they do have to adhere to company standards, they work for themselves.  This is not like a traditional office or factory position where employers closely monitor every move that workers make. The amount that you work and how much you earn is wholly dependent upon you.
How Much Does It All Cost?
A large portion of what Uber drivers earn will be kept by them, but 15% of these earnings will be retained by Uber.  This fee can sometimes be as low as 10% according to the duration of the trips that are made.  The terms of this arrangement should be diligently reviewed by applicants to get a better understanding of these fees.  Fuel costs and the costs of maintaining the vehicle must be considered as well.
While the amazing taxi sign is not something that people will get when working for a ride sharing service, Uber drivers do take on similar risks.  As private contractors, they still have far more freedom than cab drivers enjoy.  When people start driving for Uber they will get to set their own schedule and can even look for cars that have greater fuel-efficiency than the typical taxicab.  Uber drivers also wade through far less red tape.  Nobody wants to waste time going through massive piles of paperwork.

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